Wednesday, August 29

"yours is the name i whisper to myself at night when i awake from a nightmare. yours is the voice that calms me. yours is the touch that excites me. yours are the eyes that i adore. you must know that through life and death i will stand by you, for you, my beloved, are the one i love,"
Mike finished his heart-filled pledge of devotion with a tear in the corner of his eye, balancing like a crystal ball on a thread. Cynthia's eyes, a blue one wouldn't be surprised to see cute, fluffy clouds in, showed that she had listened intently, but were yet to react to the words or the growing pause after them. Her lips seemed to want to smile, a tugging sensation pulling at the corners. This was the moment she had dreamed of, a fairytale monologue and a gorgeous gentleman. But she did not love him the way he loved her, and so here her heart was torn. She loved his charming eyes and his dashing smile, but she didn't love him. She loved the way he wrapped his arm around her and how he sought her hand to interlock fingers with, but she didn't love him. She loved his wit and how he would whisper sweet nothings in her ear, but she didn't love him. Prince charming was offering his strong and comforting hand and she was about to push it away. She wavered, looked once more into his serene brown eyes with specks of yellow dancing around the pupil and gave in. Taking his palm to her cheek she whispered to herself "I will love him, I will, I must believe that I already do".
Mike's face broke open into a grin of happy relief. "Thank you so much, I was so scared!"
Cynthia paused, unsure whether she really wanted to fulfill the commitment she just made, "I don't know if you really do want to thank me..." she whispered out loud, but Mike didn't hear, he was busy singing her praises.

...some hopeless attempt of romance, my characters always lose... maybe it's a reflection on myself...


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