Saturday, December 18

Random Thought Time!

yes, here are some random thoughts, hurrah!

In the circus... no wait, thats a dead end road...
don't you just want to wake up and find an absolutely gorge guy at the end of your bed... naked?
sometimes I do... mmm... maybe not naked... maybe with a plate of biscuts and tea... yuck tea... I don't like tea
maybe hot cocoa... mmm.... chocolate...
SC EN CH <<>
I'm special, so special, and I got you

I'm so happy I could dance for no reason
He's so hot I could chargrill a steak on his stomach
She's so amazing I could think she was an angel

I'm so tired (of this) I could fall asleep and never wake up
He's so angry I could swear I was bleeding
She's so sad I could dry all her tears but still not help
I wish I could do something to change this world...


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