Thursday, December 9

I felt abandoned, I felt alone,
I felt like I was empty.
you came along, you had the promise,
that I would never again be lonely.

But maybe I slipped,
maybe I let go,
you were leading the way,
but I forgot to follow.

still there's a stake in my heart,
do you know who put it there?
hammered it so hard into my soul,
that it bled bare?

never thought that it would burn,
never knew it would taste so good,
didn't think that I would turn,
didn't know that I would.

I didn't want to, well I did,
but I didn't really realize.
that everytime I turned away,
there was pain and sadness in your eyes.

and there's a stake in your heart,
I know I put it there
hammered it so hard into your soul,
that it bled bare.


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